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The Custom Facial by Beech Esthetics and Spa

Beautiful Skin Through Technology and Touch

The Custom Facial by Beech Esthetics and Spa

Beautiful Skin Through Technology and Touch

Esthetician and owner of Beech Esthetics and Spa, Jenette Zubero


Esthetician and owner of Beech Esthetics and Spa, Jenette Zubero

The Power of Touch Coupled with the Science of Technology

Welcome to the beech

I'm Jenette Zubero, licensed esthetician and owner of Beech Esthetics and Spa.  I've created a spa that offers  relaxation and privacy yet couples that with today's advanced esthetic technologies. It's truly never been easier to have amazing looking skin at any age!

Why TOuch?

Touch in the form of Facial and decollete massage

Facial and decollete massage are two of the most amazing treatments you can experience.  Beyond the fact that they feel amazing, facial and decollete massage, when done by a trained professional, have proven results and benefits.  Massage benefits include stimulation of circulation, , stimulation of sebaceous production (oils your skin releases that help to keep it moisturized and keep your skin barrier healthy)  relaxation of  the nerves (which aides in reducing the appearance of fine lines),detoxification, increase in lymphatic flow, and, of course,  it eases muscle tension.

I'm passionate in my desire to offer the best possible facial and decollete massage to my clients and have been trained by celebrity estheticians like Lydia Sarfati of Repechage and Sherine Bichara of Elixer of Life by L'alchimiste.

Can you keep yourself from falling asleep during this most relaxing part of the facial?  


why technology?

technology for supercharged results

The benefits of facial and decollete massage are numerous, but there are times when our skin needs more.  Beech Esthetics offers numerous facial treatments that incorporate proven technological advancements in the esthetics world.

For example,  Light Emitting Diode (LED), a modality researched by NASA for it's effect on plant growth and sleep patterns in humans (among other applications)  has found a yet another application in the world of esthetics.  Light Emitting Diode treatments are effective protocols for dealing with skin issues such as acne, flaccid skin, aging, hyperpigmentation, scars and more.  Beech Esthetics and Spa offers LED treatment facials using Lightwave LED Light Therapy.  The Lightwave System was chosen because it offers professional, clinical strength LED therapy .

Another advanced modality offered at the spa is electrodessication using the Skin Classic.  Minor skin irregularities can be treated easily and with no down time with this non-laser technology!  Annoyances like cherry angiomas (the little red dots that can form all over your body), sebaceous hyperplasia (flesh colored bumps usually found on the face that cannot be extracted), milia (small white bumps that are mistaken for whiteheads and cannot be easily extracted), skin tags, hyperpigmentation, keratosis, fibromas and more, are easily treated.  Skin Classic was chosen for use in the spa because of it's reputation in the industry, the first class training, and because it is the recipient of the prestigious Dermascope Esthetician's Choice Awards.

These are two of my favorite examples of how the esthetics industry is utilizing technology to keep our clients beautiful... but there are so many more!  Call today to discuss which would be best for you.



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