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The Custom Facial by Beech Esthetics and Spa

Beautiful Skin Through Technology and Touch

before and after Skin classic

Skin Classic Hand Treatment


Beautiful results that took a decade off her hands!  Do you have 30 minutes to an hour?  That's all it takes!  Skin Classic is a non-laser treatment for minor skin irregularities. 

Skin Classic Facial Treatment


No more bothersome skin irregularities!  Non-invasive, non-laser skin treatment for the little things that pop up on your skin!

Skin Classic Around the Eye


Look at how beautifully this small skin issue was resolved using the Skin Classic.  

Skin Classic


Even Rosacea looks better with this non-laser electrodessication treatment that only touches the top layer, the stratum corneum!

Skin Classic Back Treatment


This is an amazing before and after!  A beautifully smooth back ready for summer tanks, dresses, and bathing suits!

Skin Classic Face


Treating minor skin irregularities takes years off your face!  Thirty to sixty minutes  and be done with it!

before and after lightwave led

LED Lightwave Around Lips/Mouth


LED  (Light Emitting Diode) is a non invasive, non-laser, light treatment.

LED Treatment


The LED treatment is relaxing and takes about thirty minutes.

Acne Before and After with Lightwaves


Acne is one of the most difficult things to find answers for!  But look at these results!  

Lightwave Eye Area


The results speak for themselves!  Look at that difference!

Lightwave Forehead/11's


Gorgeous after photo of smoother forehead lines and "11's" between the eyebrows.

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